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by National Commission for Culture and the Arts "Heritage Recordings" 20-CD Collection



CARMENCITA LOZADA Heritage Recordings are a 20-CD tribute to the expansive career of the legendary virtuoso.

The two-time Paganini Competition winner's vast catalog of Live Concerts, with full orchestra and in recital, is captured on Heritage Recordings to promote Carmencita Lozada's remarkable legacy for generations to come.

Music of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Paganini, Sibelius, Dvorak, Haydn, Handel, LeClair, Vivaldi, Schubert, Grieg, Sibelius, Khatchaturian, Prokofiev, Respighi, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Franck, Faure, Sarasate, Hindemith, Bartok, Stravinsky, Sarasate, DeFalla, Cornejo, Sacramento, DeLeon, Kasilag, Buenaventura and more.

Entire 20-CD collection available exclusively through RSM.

From CD liner notes by her brother Manolo Lozada (2004):

Carmencita Lozada started music studies at five in her native town of Pasig (now a city), east of Manila [Philippines] with her mother and uncle as mentors on the piano. She was made to shift to the violin with much resistance from her thinking that violin was for boys. Her progress was astonishing so that as early as ten she was orchestral soloist playing on a half-sized violin. By luck, some recordings of this period still exist (the full Mendelssohn Concerto in E minor and Kreisler's Praeludium et Alegro) exhibiting incredible facility that seemed unaware of technical difficulty and a surprising toned maturity. The nation became aware that in their midst was a prodigy. The string of public performances as she was growing up came in dizzying interval with different concertos, attesting to her phenomenal memory and a maturing of technique and musicianship.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) sums up her career thus: "...unparalleled achievement of a great Filipino artist and serves as an inspiration to future generations of young violinists in the country."

To her could go the credit of having premiered in the Philippines numerous classical [masterworks] like Sibelius, Paganini, Khachaturian, Charles Ives, Stravinsky, Su, Respighi, Ton de Leeuw, and works by leading Filipino composers such as Kasilag, Sacramento, Molina, Pajaro, Alfredo Buenaventura and Ramon Santos, some of these works having been written for and dedicated to her. A noted German conductor-composer wrote a modern piece entitled "Fantasia Filipina" based on Philippine ethnic sounds and rhythm. This piece was premiered, naturally, by Carmencita Lozada and recorded in Germany. She plays on an Italian violin Nicolas Gagliano of the year 1735.

The NCCA deems it a fortune that Carmencita Lozada's recordings have been collected from many sources and feels it a privilege to present them [in a 20-volume series]. Recordings from her incredibly rich career that spans 50 years are [now available] from St. Scholastica's Carmencita Lozada Library and on this web site.


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